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  • 一个神奇的内容源,有近60万人通过邮件订阅网站的更新,网站的facebook主页也有超过40万的订阅和likes。网站的文章在各社交网络上被疯狂转发,还包括翻译成中文后在国内的转发。保守估计,平均每篇的文章阅读量都在百万以上。网站的内容并没有固定的主题,不过总体以围绕科技相关的人工智能,太空探索,脑神经科学等话题为主,但也有其他例如地理、旅游、宗教等相关的话题。这些文章有一个共同点,就是非常的长,且非常深度。
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  • Reddit AMA starting now
  • Morning! My Reddit AMA is now live here. You can ask questions now. I'll start answering them at 11:00am ET and keep doing that until I don't want to do it anymore.– Tim​
  • Everything You Don’t Know About Tipping
  • This week from the greatest hits:​A post I wrote for my own selfish reasons about tipping: specifically, how much you’re supposed to tip all the different people in all the different situations. I find little more stressful than not knowing whether, or how much, I’m expected to tip someone—so I walked around New York and interviewed over 100 people in tipped professions to get the answers. ​I think a lot of people also have tipping insecurity, because the post really made the rounds when it came
  • Horizontal History
  • This week from the greatest hits: a visual take on history. If you imagine history as a vertical timeline going downwards into the past, we usually study it by examining a single thread and tracing it down—like looking back through the history of science or the history of rulers or the history of some other area. I’m not sure how your brain works, but for mine, viewing history “horizontally”—i.e. taking a single time period and looking at what was happening at that time across the board—gives me
  • The Great Perils of Social Interaction
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