• The Half Marathoner
  • The Half Marathoner
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  • 半程马拉松选手始于 2015 年,是一份致力于跑步的时事通讯,探索跑步帮助我们找到意义的方式。
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  • Knowing, doing and 'staying on the bus'
  • The first time I trained for a full, 26.2-mile marathon, it was the fall of 1996 and I was twenty-five years old. The Atlanta Olympics had just wrapped up, and a friend I’d met during the games had convinced me to sign up for my first marathon, even though I hadn’t run more than six miles at once, ever.But, I was single with a job that left me plenty of time to train after work and on the weekends, so I said “sure.” Along with her, I attended an introductory meeting for everyone training for the
  • Your own emotional acre
  • Like you, probably, I love getting engrossed in books with big ambitions. On my nightstand right now are a biography of Abraham Lincoln, Tomorrow and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow and a door-stopper on the history of Christianity — ones in which the writer really does try to wrap their arms around a big, huge topic and wrestle it to the ground, in a few hundred (or thousand!) pages. But in between these, I like to catch my breath. With briefer, shorter books on smaller, lighter subjects, ones that take
  • Stepparents need heroes too
  • Scrolling through the photos on my phone always reminds me just how hazy my memory really is. Almost every time, I spot a photo that makes me think, “I did that?!” or “We were there then? I have absolutely no memory of this…”That’s why, whenever I tap the photos icon on my iPhone, I’m always glad I take so many — my “Recents” album alone contains more than 32,000 pictures — because there are vast swaths of my life that have long escaped the orbit of my memory, and now are lost somewhere out ther
  • On becoming an athlete
  • Late last week, I had the chance to talk by phone with Sarah Lavender Smith, a writer whose fantastic newsletter Colorado Mountain Running & Living covers her love for long-distance trail running, which she’s done for more than 25 years as both a coach and a runner herself — to give you an idea of how accomplished Sarah is, a few years ago she won the race known as the Grand to Grand Ultra, which unfolds over 171 miles through the Utah and Arizona desert.During our conversation, I told her about