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  • 作者参加了 100 多次超跑和马拉松比赛,周刊以个人随笔为特色,提供有关越野跑、山地生活和中年勇气的实用建议。
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  • Welcome back, and welcome new subscribers. A week from now, on March 29, I’m going to skip writing the regular free Wednesday post. It will be the first Wednesday break since I launched this Substack in fall of 2021. I’m taking a family trip and trying to enjoy a true vacation with my kids free from work and deadlines. I will, however, produce a bonus post sometime that weekend for paid subscribers. I’ll be back to a regular schedule in April. Thanks for your support! Everything went right with
  • The Ultra Spirit Moved Me
  • I’m looking forward to connecting with paid subscribers for a chat during an online meetup tomorrow (March 16). If you’d like to join this community’s monthly Zoom and receive bonus posts, please consider upgrading your free subscription to paid.What keeps you running ultras? Doesn’t your body break down? Don’t you get bored?People ask questions like that pretty frequently, since I’ve run some 100 ultras in two decades. Last Saturday’s event, the Antelope Canyon 50-miler on the Navajo Nation aro
  • Ups and Downs
  • Welcome! A wave of new subscribers found this newsletter last week thanks to a mention in Terrell Johnson’s The Half Marathoner, and from a link in my article in Trail Runner. Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments below or on the chat thread, sharing something about your background and why you’re interested in “Colorado Mountain Running & Living.” I’d like the chat thread (available on the Substack app) to become a place where any of you can float questions and crowdsource advice. So,
  • Brought to My Knees, Briefly
  • I ran my first ultra of the new year last weekend and wrote a race report for paid subscribers describing my performance and some of the other competitors. This post is less of a race recap and focuses instead on coping strategies during endurance events. If you’d like to receive an occasional bonus post plus an invitation to a monthly meetup, please consider upgrading your subscription to paid.About 22 miles into last Sunday’s Black Canyon 60K, my general fatigue became localized in my knees an