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  • Not Boring是了解商业动态和公司决策背后的战略的最有趣的方式。
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  • Blockchain Meets Bio
  • Today’s Not Boring is brought to you by… TegusTegus is your go-to research destination for bold investing. It curates expert insights, analysis, and financial data to give you a powerful perspective for your investment decisions. With lightning-fast access to over 60,000 transcripts across 20,000 companies, you’ll discover a wealth of unique insights to fuel your fundamental research.With Tegus’ new machine learning technology, you can quickly identify transcripts that offer the most relevant an
  • Weekly Dose of Optimism #45
  • Hi friends 👋,Happy Friday and welcome back to our 45th Weekly Dose of Optimism. Last week was the Obama edition, so it’s only fair that this week we’re making Optimism Great Again!Anyway…Let’s get to it.The Weekly Dose is brought to you by... FountFount is the personalized health and performance program used by high-level operators, execs, and people who want to get the most out of themselves. If you’re a longtime Not Boring reader you’ll know that Packy’s been using Fount for over a year to g
  • Ezra: The Quest to Kill Cancer
  • Welcome to the 964 newly Not Boring people who have joined us since last Monday! If you haven’t subscribed, join 204,865 smart, curious folks by subscribing here:Today’s Not Boring, the whole thing, is brought to you by… EzraEzra is on a mission to detect cancer early for everyone in the world. The company offers full-body MRI scans in order to catch cancer earlier to increase the odds of beating it. I recently did an Ezra scan myself, and while it was nerve-wracking to face cancer, confirming t
  • Weekly Dose of Optimism #44
  • Hi friends 👋,Happy Friday and welcome back to our 44th Weekly Dose of Optimism. The Obama edition.MDW is the unofficial kickoff of summer and we intend to treat it as such! We hope you find some time to rest, rejuvenate, and maybe even read this newsletter. Enjoy the long weekend and go catch some rays.Let’s get to it.The Weekly Dose is brought to you by...MarketerHireMarketerHire is the #1 talent platform to hire expert marketers and marketing assistants. Trusted by 5,000+ startups, Fortune 50