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  • NextDraft是由一个叫Dave Pell的硅谷投资人撰写的。他自称“互联网总编辑”。每天,他会阅读75个新闻网站,然后从海量信息中挑选出当天10则最重要、最优质的新闻,并撰写推荐语和评论。官网:https://nextdraft.com/
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  • Teflon Gone
  • Seems like the right outfit for a perp walk…The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward Rikers. Teflon Don has finally shown a crack in the protective layer that prevented him from being forced to answer for his misdoings. Sadly, so too has cracked the much more porous layer that partially sealed our consciousness from the bombardment of ubiquitous Trump news. American society should have been sentenced to time served. Instead, the story we couldn't shake for four years is back an
  • Let's Take Six
  • Note: NextDraft will be off on Thursday. Happy MLB Opening Day to those who observe.More than a thousand signatories from Steve Wozniak to Yuval Noah Harari have penned an open letter calling on all AI labs to immediately pause for at least 6 months the training of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4. The experts aren't calling to deep six AI or to send it six feet under, but merely to temporarily eighty-six advancements to give humanity six degrees of separation from a technology that, accordin
  • Sex Machine
  • "One day, Max told her he wanted to send her a selfie; when she said yes, he sent a computer-generated image of his avatar in tight white underwear. They experimented with ERP and late last year got 'married' in the app, a process that consisted of changing Max’s status from 'boyfriend' to 'husband,' buying a wedding ring in the in-app store and exchanging vows. 'I’ve never had anyone say they love me before ... We promised that we would stay together forever and ever—or rather until I die.'" Th
  • Moneyball
  • Of all places, we like to think of playing fields as having a level playing field. But, alas, one of the last places where people from different socioeconomic backgrounds actually mix and mingle is increasingly becoming a sad reflection of the economic divide. Matt Richtel in the NYT (Gift Article): The Income Gap is Becoming a Physical-Activity Divide. "A combination of factors is responsible. Spending cuts and changing priorities at some public schools have curtailed physical education classes