• Dinner: A Love Story
  • Dinner: A Love Story
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  • 专门针对家庭聚餐的时事通讯,无论您如何定义“家庭”,也无论您如何定义“聚餐”。由纽约时报畅销书《晚餐:爱情故事》系列丛书作者撰写。
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  • A Coming Home Dinner!
  • Phoebe comes home from college this weekend, which means the band will be back together again…or well, it will be at least until both of the girls take off again for their summer jobs in a few days. (Repeat to self: This is the way it’s supposed to work. This is the way it’s supposed to work.) It also means that I need to make sure the Coming Home Dinner is an A-plus situation — one of the things I’m already missing so much about my house (even though we don’t move for a few months!) are the lon
  • Who Wants to Test a Recipe?
  • And win a few fun things in the process...Good morning eaters and readers! As many of you know, I’m working on the sequel to The Weekday Vegetarians and it’s due in a few short weeks. Since many of you have reached out to me about recipe testing (so nice!), I figured I’d make it interesting…...Subscribe to Dinner: A Love Story to read the rest.Become a paying subscriber of Dinner: A Love Story to get access to this post and other subscriber-only content.A subscription gets you:Read Dinner: A Lov
  • Amanda Hesser's Easter Menu
  • Greetings eaters and readers! I’m thrilled to present Amanda Hesser’s Easter Menu as the next chapter in my Dinner Party Game Plan series. Here, Amanda, co-founder of Food52 and one of my personal food writing heroes, offers two options, both of which won me over for their ease and elegance. I am so thrilled about her star turn here, in fact, that I’m offering her menu to all DALS readers, not just subscribers as usual. Happy Easter everyone, and thank you, Amanda!From Amanda: I grew up eating b
  • Spring Cooking Cheat Sheet
  • Remember that amazing strawberry pavlova I wrote about last year? And the minty pea toasts we served with the tamarind-grilled chicken? You don’t? To be honest, I barely do either — I throw a lot of recipes at you in this newsletter and it can be hard to keep up. So, in keeping with tradition, here is your seasonal index, a list of every dish that was referenced in the Dinner: A Love Story newsletter last spring, plus a few extras, i.e. all you’ll need to make the most of March, April and May co