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  • Endings and beginnings aplenty
  • So much has been happening this last week, I don’t know quite where to start. It was sad to wake up on Wednesday to the news that New Zealand runner Zane Robertson had been banned from competitive running for eight years for taking the drug EPO and then trying to blame a Kenyan doctor, saying he thought he was getting a Covid vaccine. Robertson later admitted that the whole ‘doctor giving him EPO instead of a vaccine’ story was a lie.Anyone doping is bad for the sport, but I had met Zane a few t
  • There's no race quite like the Barkley Marathons
  • Who else found themselves drawn in and then transfixed by the Barkley Marathons last week? I think it probably helps if you’ve seen the film about the race, as it might be hard to visualise it otherwise, since the only actual official coverage comes from the Twitter feed of a guy called Keith. He confused matters even further at the end of the first of five 20-mile loops by referring to the runners by made-up nicknames, rather than their actual names. So we had “smiling bearded guy”, “nondescrip
  • Take it to the (VO2) Max
  • Professor Andrew Jones (right) watches on as the speed cranks upI’ve got a facemark strapped over my nose and mouth, wires plugging me into a computer and I’m running on a £50,000 treadmill above the heads of a small group of researchers. I’m trying to run smoothly at 6 minute-mile pace. And I’ve got an itchy nose.“Hold it together,” I tell myself. “It’s not that fast.” The problem is, every three minutes I get a 10-second break while a guy syphons a few drops of blood from my finger, and then t
  • Putting the reality out there
  • I got a slightly ominous sounding message via Instagram the other day asking me to call the organisers of the Self-Transcendence 3100 in New York, as they wanted to talk to me. So far they’ve told me via email that I can have a place in the race, but there is no official entry form that you get to fill in and get a nice little “Entry confirmed” email in reply. They’d talked to me before about the need to do a six-day race first, to show I had what it took to survive a multi-day ultra. Initially